really,because u see u can dance,sing,no stress..give u strength to get up n begin ur day with a smile.. Im grateful today i said im happy..i danced n sing..i laughed..its wonderful** I guess being depressed n havin stress all time make u appreciate happiness when u also feel it,not justsee others being happy.. Its a gift of beauty.. *dancing hehe*
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Happiness always beats the darkness, happiness is the candle that shines brightly.You made me happy!Heres a quote I think u might like:Happines is like a butterfly;The more you chase itThe more it will elude you But if you turn your attetion to other things It will come and sit softly on your shoulder



the joy of music, the exhilaration of dance, a butterfly, a blue sky, a gentle shower.<br />
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Happiness is the grateful part of us coming to the surface to say thank you.

hi thinknfeel,i agree*sometimes we forget that

yes, of course. if happiness weren't that precious we would not strive for it so much. it is basically the ultimate goal of every human being.