People Fear ...ofthe Unknown....makes Hatred Come Alive !!!

It is so cruel that hatred and cruelty comes from FEAR>>>
FEAR of the unknown..what people do not know..understand ..or they fear..they hate...or are ignorant to the fact never try to understand or even lend a moment of faith to learn that everyone is EQUAL !!!!
All are here to pay taxes and die..some Do Not Pay Taxes hahahaha
All Of Us Will Die Sometime....

Fear of the unknown makes us so Distraught sometimes...and we state we are openminded.....
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Ignorance breeds fear;knowledge breeds empowerment

Thank you...i so agree very much..empowerment is great but i feel maybe a community empowerment might help you not agree with this....have a most wonderful day...

I agree 100%