Freedom Of Choice

I respect the fact that some women in Muslim countries choose to cover themselves according to their beliefs, and they should be left alone about it. But if someone wants to disregard the hijab, then they should be free to do so. WITHOUT being punished by diehards.

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You are right. I also want to remove my hijab completely, but other eyes will watch me. I am afraid

I think as a westerner, it is hard for most of us to understand the idea of being forced to follow religious rules. As my country was founded on the idea of freedom from religious persecution. So to me,until recently, I had always regarded that all countries follow this example.. Once I stepped outside my bubble, so to speak, I observed a tradition quite different... Muslim countries are ba<x>sed on religious intervention. We on the other hand are ba<x>sed on laws we made.. I still laugh at myself and my preconceived notions about the hijab... Thank-you Western media. Women are NOT forced to wear such items. It is their choice.. That being said. There are many Islamic countries, who make it the law, because it is what is stated in the Koran. So It depends on where you live... I live in the US and am afraid to wear the hijab, because of the racist here.. So I think those women in such countries are lucky that their modesty is tolerated.

It is wrong to force women to wear hijab as the previous Iran goverment and the current Saudi. As much as it is equally wrong to force women to take off their hijab as it is in France and Turkey.

Thanks for the comments, guys! <br />
I didn't really want to get into the politics of Hijab, I just wanted to state that regardless of what it stands for, it should not be used as a tool of oppression.

Hmmm the first thing that got my attention is (their beliefs) .. It sounds like Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are fundamentally incompatible!<br />
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In fact Hijab is not only in Islam .. It's also in Christianity and Judaism and I found that in Genesis that both denominations believe in .. The Virgin Maryam (Marry) and Nuns are example .. So, the concept of Hijab legislation is in women favor, and it seems you haven't read about Hijab as for everything in Islam there is a Devine Wisdom .. <br />
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You should also know that until this date there are people who still adhere to their custom even more than The Code of Islam .. So, I'm not certain about the way those people think .. What I'm simply certain about is that in Islam there must be wisdom, kindness and politeness in giving advices .. Allah said: Tell My servants to treat each other in the best possible manner, for the devil will always try to drive a wedge among them. Surely, the devil is man's most ardent enemy [17:53] ..<br />
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Yes beutiful manner is important.

I know that there are some Muslim women who do not believe in the hijab. I saw a Muslim Egyptian woman who chose not to, on television once. Her parents were displeased but she stood up for her beliefs. I know that even within the religion, there are women who disagree on how much they should cover themselves. You can see it even at my school (United States). Some women want to wear the full traditional head-covering and others will just wear a modern-style hat or beret. I have seen some girls just place a sheer scarf over their heads without securing it anywhere. It's pretty interesting, really.