To All Of You


The one issue that I really become heated over is homosexuality. I detest the fact that anyone could hate some one because of their sexual preference. And I hope every last homophobic person goes to hell. They can all eat ****. It's just ******* stupid. Asinine. To hate someone for no ******* viable reason other than 'God' said so. Well you know what? **** God and **** you too. Makes me want to burn every biblical scripture in existence. IT'S ******* IDIOTIC! And what's been ******* me off is Christians and every other religion against freedom follower's rebuttals. because you know they don't have **** to argue. Their opinions are ruled by 'God'. This is something I've been hearing a lot lately as a rebuttal. It makes me want to strangle the person to death and decapitate their bodies. ******* stupid! Their rebuttal is "I'm not judging, it's in the Bible". Jesus ******* Christ..."I'm not judging, it's in the Bible". I truly believe Christians need to die. Idiocy is prevalent and ignorance is ubiquitous. In order for humanity to ever attempt world peace Christians need to die and every last trace must be obliterated. Religion NEEDS to be eradicated. "I'm not judging, it's in the Bible". That's the equivalent of "All ******* need to ******* die, **** *******. Let's go kill some *******." I'm not judging, it's in the Bible. Now it may just be me and my relation with oppression. The fact I was told what to think, how to act. But I strongly support LGTB rights. Because ask yourselves this we've all been in love at least the person you're in love with right now. You love them or you have loved. If the person just happened to be the same sex, how would feel being denied the right to love this ******* person? Because you know the Christian's argument. "marriage is sacred". God intended it to be this way. "If you let these gays marry it devalues marriage, marriage is sacred. If you let these gays marry pretty soon people will just marry dogs and horses." Now I always wanna say....ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR ************* ******* MIND?!?!?? What the **** kind of ******* assumption? First of all marriage aint sacred. You can drive the **** to Nevada and go get ******* hitched. ******* drive through marriages, not making this **** up. Any ************ can get married. Anyone. Marriage aint sacred, far from it. OK and what the **** are these ************* ******* smoking?! I know there's some sick bastards in the world that **** animals but you aint never going to see the **** legalized. Never. What the ****? First of all there's too many ******* animal activist groups that would lose their ******* minds. Could you imagine? "Jesus, my dog blows me like holy ****.." "Oh damn when I eat out my dog.." NO. That will never happen. That's taking nihilism way too ******* far. "Hey man I ******* hate humanity. **** women and men." "You aint never *** till you been ****** by a dog" "Oh ****, they're the best at doggy style..." NO. You're never ever ever ever ever ever ever going to see marrying an animal legalized. EVER. See if people were free thinkers and not ******* polluted mentally by religion. If they weren't living in a closed minded mental dominion then we'd have no problem. I don't see any viable reason to hate homosexuals, it's your won ******* ignorance and your ******* lack of intellect. There's absolutely no viable reason. I mean you can find the acts disgusting...I do. I'm not going to be watching gay **** but they're not going to be watching straight ****. We have immense differences and preferences and we're not supposed to judge. I mean Jesus Christ! Everybody, everybody jumps at the chance to bastardize homosexuality. Even the ******* titles are derogatory you ever notice? We're called straight. We're straight as a ******* path. Them, they're not straight. You know what?They're the opposite, they're bent. Aint nobody want bent ****. Bent is derogatory. We're straight, that's correct. **** you. Now anyway we look at this it's still asinine. If they're born gay, you're honestly going to hate every fiber of their being for it? Same **** as if a ************ is born blind. Gonna get mad at the ************ for not being able to see? A ************ is born dyslexic. Gonna get mad at em for not being able to read? Same ****. They don't choose who the **** they are. Before you're born there isn't some chart to fill out in the womb or some ****. "OK, I want to be 165, I want brown hair I skin. NO. You're born the way you are, aint **** you can do about it. Aint **** you can do. Homosexuals are basically hated for being born. Imagine how that ******* feels. Now if they're not born with it shut the **** up regardless. We ALL have different preferences in EVERYTHING. ****...even twins don't like the same ****. Individuality, freedom..******* freedom. No viable reason to condemn homosexuality.
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Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't Danton, Lenin, Than Shwe, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ceausescu, Honecker, Castro, Pol Pot, Milosevic, Bonaparte and Mussolini sadistic, mass murdering atheists? Didn't these atheists also persecute and murder gays?


The truth is, they don't like us because we can get more pu$sy than straight guys can. That's where alllll the hate stems from. Haha

Well if you're using the God given rectum as a v@g!na the Christians WILL be pissed..