It Is Not A Sin So Get Over Yourselves!!!

Blah blah blah you can preach the bible to me all ******* day and I will still have my beliefs.I used to be against homosexuality and bash them too until I realized how hard it is to come out and live a normal and happy life without being being heckled,bullied and harrassed for being gay or lesbian.You people actually make me sick with your close mindness.I thought they teach you how to be tolerant of others no matter what their lifestyle or choice you may or may not agree with.I am firm believer that if that is what makes you happy then go for it they aren't hurting anyone.It is extremely childish and ridiculous when people assume they are going to catch a disease or that is a mental illness with all the free time you have should get a life and leave them alone.Or that gay people are hitting on them when they compliement them or they're all gay/lesbian's types like get over yourselves.Oh for you bible thumpers who preach they are going to hell no you are going to hell for being closeminded so **** you and on your way there suck my fat **** I hope you chock on it too.I will stick for gay/lesbians and bisexuals no matter what so try me bash gay people around me see what happens.Go fight a gay person make fun of them to their face they are great fighters they know how to fight well they take so much **** from being gay and if i knew someone making fun of a gay person who was my friend i would definitely step in and do something I hate discrimination and harrassement of any kind and will not stand for that stuff.
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Jan 23, 2013