It Makes Me So Frustrated How Many People Really Do Believe That Homosexuals Are Going To Hell

I have a good friend who I met through a friend at church. She met him at school, and he belongs to a very conservative church. He is also very gay, and very out. My friend introduced him to our (less strict) church. It amazes me all the things his congregation told him. He honestly believes that he is going to hell no matter what, sense he can't change his orientation. This has lead to all sorts of problems, such as a "I'm going to hell anyway, so why not" mentality. It is so sad to see. And now I've lost touch with him, and he has stopped visiting our church. I worry about him so much.
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That is exactly why I have a problem with organised religion! I dont have any issues with the spiritual motivation behind the religion, just the rigid rules it's most devoted follows force upon each other.

Funny how churches can do that. I believe God created him and God will take him back. Your friend should just believe what honestly feels right to him.

going to hell?l..... no way... he's going to the Cher Concert?