Acknowledge God!

Homosexuals are only going to hell if they fail to repent of their sins, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHO EVER LIVED.   Sure, a few lines out of the 66 books that comprise the Bible indicate that homosexuality is an abomination.  BUT, the word abomination is used many, many times in the Bible,usually NOT referring to homosexuality.  God is more concerned about motive than action.  He knows we ALL have tendencies that some would consider to be abominations to someone else.  We can still love God, even if our behavior is not "perfect" in someone else's estimation.  It is true that we have to be perfect in order to be in the presence of a perfect God, but achieving perfection is not somethings we can do on our own.  God has graciously sent His son, Jesus, to be punished for our sins, so that our sins could not be held against us (whatever they are), therefore we are made perfect - by God,not by ourselves.
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well what if you die without a chance to repent the Hart is desperately deceiving and depertly wicked so how do we know our motives I think only God knows them

Thanks for sharing your comment. I agree that there are so many things in human existence that fall short of being Holy and/or Righteous. It's God's Grace that makes the imperfect - perfect.