I do not believe in Hell. 

In the time of Jesus, Hell was a literal place-- it was a big slum, like, oh I don't know Harlem?  Detroit?  LA?  LOL, perhaps it was much worse, as their 'police' system was a bit different.  There were always fires burning, and a lot of bad things happened there.  It was not a place any "decent" person wanted to go.  Jesus's references to Hell were LITERAL, not the twisted mind controlling garbage that has been forced down our throats for centuries now.

I believe that the Council of Nicae chose all that stuff.  Well, it's not really a 'belief'...it's simply history...but anyway...

I am not sure that I think homosexuality is good or bad...which is probably more what the questioner is asking...I think it just "is". 

See, I consider myself sexual.  Not hetero or homo.  Just sexual.  I think the human body is a beautiful thing (well, most of 'em, anyway) and really it's PEOPLE we are supposed to be in love with, not gender, right?  I know several same sex couples, and they are absolutely, positively in love with each other.  What can be wrong with love? 

Ok, so what if it's just a fling?  (Not sure if I think flings are "good" either, but hey, that's another question.)  Lust is different than love, although the two certainly entertwine...

I personally have no problem lusting after a woman's body any more than a man's...in truth, I pretty much Never look at guys...lol, my hubby and I look at women together!  Lusting, and acting on that lust are two different things, as well.  But let's try to keep it simple.  Lust, in itself, is a thought, an emotion, a response to stimuli...

I do not believe that my thoughts can condemn me to eternal damnation.

Obviously, for me, the bottom line is NO, I absolutely do NOT think homosexuals are going to hell.

1froggirl 1froggirl
36-40, F
Feb 21, 2009