Me Too- Homosexuals Are Not Going to Hell

    A very wise man was on oprah one night saying  gays are a blessing from god and personally I believe him.  I think the so called christians who are all judgemental of everyone have  no clue of what they do to the poeple they love or say they do because of their small mindedness.  Here's a story-my mother and brother were dying from cancer for three  years.  Then my car broke down and I was having trasportation issues-who offered to help me of all of my so called christian co-workers but my gay friend jon-he offered because he know I wouldn't ask anyone for help even my family.  Now these co=workers who consider themselves to be so called christians had me and my little savior  out having  an affair and  smoking  pot-mind you I'm 52 and he's  10 YEARS YOUNGER THEN MY SON WHO'S 31.   If you read the bible like so many judgemental poeple don't it state that all----people are  gift from god no matter who they are.  The only people I know who are truly kind are the gay people I met at my job.  This was a catholic hospital I was employed by and quit cause the gossip was hell.    

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9 Responses May 30, 2009

Shame that you had to lose your job because of nasty peeps. We have all "sinned" so peeps need to not just judge the things they themselves dont do.... Was it not worse that the co-workers gossiped and caused trouble than any kind of relationship you could have had or not? I love my gay friends... I wish it was easier for them to be honest with some people.

We should never judge people by their sexual preference. Now, sexual preformance, that is a different story for another time. lol

You and neonshades are right on target. People are people and we have no right to judge them. as long as no one is being hurt by their actions. I am comfortable in the presance of Hetros, gays, bi, or others. lol

I agree sibyll, if people are comfortable enough with their own sexuality they wouldn't care about someone elses. I have a gay brother who I love and respect greatly. I'm comfortable with my own sexuality and his sexual preference in no way bothers me, I'm glad that he and his partner of 20 years are so happy together. Hell, they have a better and longer lasting relationship than me or my other straight brother have ever had!

Some of the best people are gay in my book.. I see no reason to down them because of their sexuality. To each their own, and it's none of anyone else's business. I am sorry for your job loss, that should have never happened to someone..

I also believe homosexuals are NOT going to hell.

That is false about what you said , GOD says HE made them male and female , and they shall be one.

What makes you sooooooooooo sure about that statement?

Ignorance and ignorant people, those who dislike someone just because of their beliefs.<br />
I agree with you 200%