My Son Is Homosexual.

My son came to me when he was 18 years old and told me he was gay, and I looked at him and said I know. My son has had feminine tendencies since he was 2 years old. He did not like boy toys and preferred to play with barby dolls. I encouraged him to play with boy toys and bought them for him. When he got a little older he wanted to put my make up on and always had my panty hose and heels on. (This shows my age, lol) He never had a girlfriend when he was a teenage. My son lost a lot of oxygen when he was born and I believe this is biological. I would have never said this when I was younger, that is because i was so ignorant. I accept my son the way he is and I believe that God looks at the heart. I don't believe that he willingly chose this lifestyle, he would not choose to be hated by some people. I love my son!


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Fukkdup, Dexagon. I'm calling you out that I did not like your comments. Ridey777, I love your heart. My mom is the same way, loving no matter what. It is hard for someone like me to be so loving and nice "naturally" become bitter and mean because people love to hate me. I'm tired of being singled out because I am deaf (which was the first reason people hated me) and I came out anyway because being me is far more important than anything. Trying to be happy is hard, and happy and sad are contradictory, but the way they both sing is honest and sincere. I am joyous, maybe never happy. But so much lies that people contend must now and forever come to an end. I like writing poetry, you should check the group "I Want You To Write A Poem Off-the-cuff Right Here Right Now" Forum & Chat Board and find A Sweet Whisper or even A Song You Know.

I agree with fukkdup.<br />
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Also why would god look at the heart? It just pumps blood around the body, it's not much of a basis to judge anything.

With all due respect, I don't understand why you think that a loss of oxygen would contribute to your son being gay. Homosexuality is not a birth defect. It's like blue eyes or being left handed. These are minority traits but have always existed and are normal, just like homosexuality.

Yes on all accounts God Bless You and your family