A Light Switch In A Dark Room


Whenever I have thought of hope in a phisical sense, I have always seen it as a light. Something to guide us, and to lead us to tomorrow.
Normally, hope is there, a dim light which we don't really need because our eyes have become accustomed to the light around us.
However, when we hurt, when we cry and feel despair, it is like someone has turned off the light. We see darkness and are afraid that there is no more light left for us. It is quite easy to sit in the corner and let yourself lose sight of hope, to let the darkness and pain be the thing that destroys you. That is an easy way out, but we need to say strong. It is during these times when we need to turn to people for help, or dig deep inside ourselves. And although people can help you stand, and lead you part of the way, it must be you who turns that light back on. The finds that thing to hold onto, that light that guides you out again......
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Awwwwwwwwwwww thankyou PXG =D<br />
Thankyou Baby **big hugs**

thank u, u inspired me to see the light when i love the darkness.

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Great Post ...loved the analogy ... *hugs*=-P

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So true, Reece. Good post.