No One Should Be Homeless

It is a heartbreaking experience. Living in a shelter is not easy, but it is better than living on the street. Anyone who is faced with sudden homelessness should be able to be accomodated in a shelter. There should be room for everybody. And they should help people in that situation find a home of their own with employment services, etc.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

It it very true. There is a huge problem. I have a friend who is in a shelter and he says that when he gets out and back on his feet he is going to dedicate his life to establishing better services to the homeless in his area. He feels all his dignity has been ******** away. I don't feel sorry for him, that does not help him, I encourage him to look into starting more shelters now. He's not ready he says. Until he's ready, he will keep thinking that he is not ready. BUT pray for him because he has a job interview tomorrow.<br />
Thanks for bringing this issue up =)