The Circle Of Life

When I go hunting in the fall, I do it to keep a family tradition alive. I do it to become one with nature, and face the brutal reality of taking a life. It is a very eye opening experience every time I do it. It really brings you back to your primitive roots when you now see everything that goes into harvesting an animal for food. I know it sounds totally cliché but I always silently thank the animal for sacrificing itself to feed me & my family. I do enjoy the sporting aspect of hunting, because there is no feeling similar to the one you feel right before pulling the trigger. Somtimes I really have to find it inside myself to carry out the act of hunting. I know it is not for everyone, but We cannot soon forget how our ancient ancestors survived for thousands of years. I hope people don’t get the wrong impression of regulated hunting, because if it is done right it is a wonderful thing.
yolo19 yolo19
22-25, F
Jan 16, 2013