I Believe Hunting Wolves Is Wrong 2

I had a friend that raised wolves at one time. So I got to be up close to them before. Janet was her name and she was a wonderful and creative person. I grew up having a great respect for these wonderful creatures. Wolves attack weak goats and sheep which makes the herd stronger. They are not as harmful as one might think. There must be a way to compromise on the issue of wolves. 
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The movies have not helped in overcoming the fear of an animal. Wolves are just one of those creatures that you either love or hate. I was able to see a wolf up close and they are wonderfully made.<br />
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I believe in creation. Some people believe in evolution. But the fact remains that they are wonderful creatures. They do make herds strong.

wolves evolved for a purpose in nature. man might look at them as bad but they are really very good and needed to remove the weak and defective from the breeding stock.

That is also what I believe they also help herds evolve such as elk they wouldn't look like they do if it wasn't for the wolves.

i am sure it makes the elk bigger and stronger to help defend themselves. in that way they are fitter and better able to survive.