Friends That **** Me Off

I'm all a bout saving wolves and my friends know it. My friends who are hunters want the wolves killed. I am a hunter. I don't want a ill deer or a old deer the meat is to tough or it's not good and wolves help that from not happening plus when my family and I kill a deer we leave the insides where we kill it to feed the wolves and other animals.
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very kind of you to help the wolves out

wolves are natures way of cleaning the sick and unfit from the gene pool. they are much better than humans in doing this. hunters go for the big buck and have the opposite effect. i understand wolves are making it down to my area from oregon. i am not sad.

Yes. but did you know that wolves helped elk evolve to what they are today?

i didn't know that but it makes sense. that is how evolution works. species evolve together whether it is a butterfly and a flower or a predator and a prey species.

Evolution is a beautiful thing

Yes it is. But then again it can make the ugliest of animals also.

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