I Had It With This

Okay everyone out there Im just saying what you here in movies and books and whatever are wrong about werewolves their not evil or that dangerous so pls stop it and I know Im still not sure if I am one or not but I really don't care about this anymore I don't want to see any werewolves die so pls just stop
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Werewolves? you mean some people on experience project are werewolves?

There are worse things happening that what happens to wolves. Let me fill you in, a lot of foxes or wild animals are trapped by fur snaps. Don't ever buy fur. Also, I think I should fill you in with this speech that can get you in the know more about other animal issues and what you can do about them.


I know I didn't ment it totally like that

I know what you mean, but do you know what I mean? =o Watch the video and all shall become clear.


*looks at minutes of video* An hour!

Yep, so bring some popcorn. You won't regret it.

my internet is horrible thou

Well, what you do, is you pause the video and let it load for awhile, and then come back to it. Browse around on here so more or make some popcorn while you wait :3

*Looks 14 mins in the video* uh gross

I feel bad being a werewolf and eating meat

Keep watching the video. It actually gets really good, and there are some humorous parts. His question and answer session (in the description) is really where is gets funny too lol.

But for the most part, yeah it's serious, but it's good to know. And afterwards, let me know if you have any questions.

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