What A Great Group!

I love this group!! I just discovered it. How exciting to know there are other people in parallel places in their precious lives.
And, although we are separated by so much, can we believe that, we are not alone in our experiences.
This is one reason I love EP so much. If you look, you do find wonderful people who are in genuine experiences such as yours. With as much honest effort into producing the best results for themselves and those around them. And with as much struggle, trial and error as well. We mustn't ever give up! :-) xx
Love to all,
Evania Evania
41-45, F
3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Thanks so much for the great comment, It was exactly what I needed to hear because some douche bag just read my story about how me and my husband have grown apart and are trying to fall in love again, said it was the most idiotic thing he had ever read. I am not a cruel person yet I always find someone who thinks they need to treat me with cruelty. To take someone's pain and laugh at it is only something a horrible person does. ( but I digress) I much prefer to spell things out also.. I am not of the school that abbreviates everything and I don't always know what people are saying, LoL is about the only one I actually know. I am sure you will find something you are passionate about, I would love to have an Esq. behind my name someday... How is that for abbreviation *******! My problem with school was always that there were so many choices I couldn't pick one thing as my career and feel like I would stay interested so I never started anything, then I realized that it didn't matter as long as I started something.

You are AMAZING!!!!!!! And you're funny!!!!!!!!!! You made me laugh out loud (Yep, I'd rather spell it our than say LOL ha ha!) when you wrote that you'd end up in a "greasy spoon calling everyone honey", ha ha ha ha!!!! That is so hilarious and you drew such a clear picture that I ALMOST SAW YOU!!!! You ARE SO GOOD!!!! CONGRATULATIONS from my heart. You are an inspiration. I don't know where those self-doubting thoughts come from, because you keep proving that you're an amazing woman. I admire you. I wish to have your strength. Maybe I do, but I am not proven as you are. Blessings to you and GO GET'EM GIRL!!! PS Maybe keep studying. If I fall in love with school as I hope I do, I want to study and study and study and study. Nothing wrong with a Ph D! :-).

I am now 30 years old. I always had trouble deciding what to do with my life. I have had endless amounts of dead end jobs, I left highschool early to go to college but never really had any direction. So after going to college for a few years, I partied a lot and did little to no school work. I thought I would never make a solid decision on my future path. I imagined myself being an old waitress at a greasy spoon and calling everyone honey.... there is nothing wrong with that but it wouldn't make me happy! So I decided to take a good hard look at myself and find out what did I like and what am I good at. I remember being told by everyone that I should be a lawyer. Well since I am getting a late start I figured I will set my goals slightly lower so that I can at least see success in my field of vision. I know I have always been a pretty good writer and I am great with writing reports and doing research. I decided to go back to school for Paralegal studies and possibly work my way up from there. Since I have been back in school I have gotten all A's. It came as a surprise to me that my teachers thought I was smart and I have really started to believe in myself. I like doing the work and I am very passionate about the law. I always assumed I would be a starving artist or street musician. I figured if I ever had to get a real job it would make me boring and I would hate myself. I now have a different view. I can't wait to become a person that gets up early and runs the rat race with everyone else. I am almost finished school now and I am starting to have doubts about whether or not I can really grow into the person I imagined, what if I end up with a degree and still end up a bartender or waitress. I don't wan't all my work to be for nothing, because I really feel like I have found what I am supposed to do with my life. Its not much but I have put myself through everything from bad relationships to heroin addiction, being a single mother working full time job and going to school. Now I am a married woman with career goals. I have come to far not to make it now.