Little Changes

INTRODUCTION: When I am down in the dumps usually, I cry, I stay in bed, and believe that my mental health is the problem. Recently, I have been thinking about the food choices I make and what I put in my body. Enemy number one: Chicken nuggets from McDonald's. They are the worst food I eat (I hate ice cream thank God!) and I KNOW they are poisoning my body.. I want to quit eating them, (they are one one food vice--I dont even like McD's fries- again thank GOD) but I think I need to make minor changes in the way I eat in order to stop craving these little hunks of fatty grease...

BurgundyGirl BurgundyGirl
36-40, F
1 Response Mar 6, 2007

Fast Foods PERIOD are a threat to our health. Especially when consumed in the quantities (American's esp.) we consume them in. I learned in a health class that one fast food that's better as far as getting better daily amount of most food groups is PIZZA. Depending on the type you can get milk ( the cheese ), veggies, ( even fruit if you like pineapples. YUK), meat, and bread. A woman though should have no more than 1-2 slices, and a man one or so above that.