MORE VEGGIES! I hate vegetables for the most part.. I have eaten one too many spinach salads and hate cooked dark leafy greans-- yuck! I have decied to buy a  case V-8. There is 3 servings of veggies per bottle! And a touch of fiber! They have low sodium versions too.. Thats a good start right?
BurgundyGirl BurgundyGirl
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V8 ROCKS ! i havnt seen it in SA .. for a long time, possibly even EVER .. hmm ..

Sounds amazing!!!! I really want to start juicing!!!! Anyone have a really good juicer to recommend I buy??

If you have a juicer or processor, I have a fruit/veggie drink that is all natural and will give you an energy boost you can't believe! My friend's mom made it one time. Unfortunately, we drank it at 8:00 at night... we were pinging around the bedroom til after midnight!! Mix one bag of apples and 6-8 pieces( or bag if like) of carrots into a drink. SOUNDS horrible...TASTES Wonderful!! V-8 has their version of this, but my recipe is more natural.