A List of Ideas

The following is stolen from a book you do not need to buy in order to lose weight and be healthy:

1. Glass of water upon rising 8oz (not tap) distilled or fiji, etc.
2. Right away, eat a big breakfast (organic if you can, apples, pears, fruits) rye bread (no sugar)raw butter (not pastuerized/homogenized) plain yogurt, meat (organic), eggs, vegetables, coffee (distilled/bottled water), stevia or honey,tea (organic)
3. 8 glasses of GOOD water a day (not tap)
4. walk 1 hour non-stop a day

5. Stop eating after 6pm
6. Eat organic fruits like grapefruit

7. NO!!! aspartame or splenda
9 Take Digestive ensymes.. (Papaya chewables are yummy ! )10. NO SODA!(Sugar is bad) (Or eat least chose CLEAR sodas like Sprite of ginger ale)

BurgundyGirl BurgundyGirl
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4 Responses Mar 6, 2007

Girls-- i need to kick my splenda habit... i am seriously worried about cancer-- the headaches etc...... where do I begin???

Do not eat papaya enzyme if you have stomach trouble that is (or may be) gastritis or similar already, as it will only aggravate it. Says so right on the bottle but I ignored it and spent 2 days in agony.

after reading ur first water story, i was going to mention, purified water is way different from tap water, obviously down to the level we hardly notice / see / sense, until later added up effects.<br />
<br />
i guess 3 to 4 beer mugs of chinese tea don't really count, excepting as large quantities of caffeine *lol* .. chinese caffeine .. *LOLOLO*

What's stevia?