Lovin the Feeling......

Never in a million years did I expect to find someone like him..  He is amazing in so many ways.. I feel as though we truely connect on so many levels..  We get eachother, like just click.  I wasn't looking and blam it just it hit me.. The feeling is overwhelming, yet welcomed.  He warms my heart.. The sound of his voice, to reading his words.. Just the thought of him makes me smile. I believe that I have found the one for me and I am the one for him..  Lovin the feeling...

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I believe I have found my souls mate to except its complicated. Just like you said we clicked on every level, and we synced together like one. We were on the same level and everything was perfect...out of no where she started ignoring me and then broke up with me on the phone. Her mood had changed las week and she broke up with me then but that time apologized and things went back to normal. She broke up with me because she said she needs time to her self to figure stuff out.. She broke up with me I the phone ending it with I love you . I asked her why she's lie about being soul mates and why she said I'm the one ... As defends I to the death and said she just needs to be alone right now .. I asked for a break and she said no as has to leave me .... She's never lied to me and won't back out of lying about Anything she said ...so I let her be and am suffering bad ... This was real cuz I've had 5 year relationships that didn't match up to these three months ... I thought maybe lust but there was so much more than just sex ... She did hurt me pretty bad but I would actually talk it trough of she came back , which I am almost sure will happen, that connection was unreal an I'm 100% sure we both felt it ... I'm not sure on what todo , I'm extremely hurt but my intuition says its not over and I feel confident. So I'm gonna work on myself while I sort of wait .... She's in my program at university so if she doesn't come back by August I will attempt one more try and if not I will make friends so were not weird in class and move forward. I'm scared of that, I really have this feeling shell be back... I have lots of **** at her Josie that he hasn't pushed to get rid of ... If its her mood shell be back soon I think if its for time sell be back when she's ready .... It was to good not to be real, I'm not in denial I just have this feeling ... Any advice ?

I'm grinning from ear to ear.. I'm very happy.. <br />
Thank you.. ((hugs)) TP.. That was touching, and very sweet.. xx ((hugs))

i can't wait for this to happen to me, congratulations :)


I'm happy for you..congrats :)

Okay, maybe this is more than I thought...

Yea congrats! Hope all goes well!

You cant control who you fall in love with the heart wants what the heart wants :)

I'm up for it... xxxx

That is wonderful for both of you. Congradulations.

thats awesome! i am so happy for you!! it is a amazing feeling isnt it?

As deep as the ocean.. I believe... xxx

I am so glad that it has happened though.. Feelin every emotion.. From love, to longing, to lonliness.. But it is all worth it.. xx

It's not just that. You know that. It's the whole history of this entire situation.

He needs to settle down.... Thanx again for stickin up for me.. My life and he needs to respect my choices.. I found someone and it isn't him.. That's y he's upset..

Thank you... Cbm... He needs to listen to you.. You're his friend....

I'm not embarrassing myself. But I guess there's no point anyway. I'm not going to say I'm happy for you because I'm not sure if you really are as happy as you think you are. But if you are, great. If not, learn from your mistakes.<br />
<br />
I'm done. This is pointless.

That is what I am figuring out... ((hugs)) Don't trip.. I'm bein careful... xx

Oh yeah, and remember...you thought you had met your soulmate when you met Shaun too.

And how can you know he's your soulmate when you've only known him for a couple weeks and haven't even met him personally?

You said you were happy when you met BJ too...<br />
<br />

Enticeme.. My aren't you clever...hehe Let me know.. lol<br />
<br />
TRW... Lol.. You go girly... ;) Will toast with you... *cheers*<br />
<br />
Cowboy... It will all be ok.. I am happy for once.. ((hugs))

I *think* I know, but I don't know.

Would ya all leave my sister alone? Thank y'all. :) *pops a cork on some wine* Cheers!

lol.....i would say that nine times out of ten a person is number one on your friends list for a reason hmmmmmm ?? just coincidence maybe lol

Cowboy.. I think ya know... ((hugs))<br />
<br />
morec... lol.. Thanx.. It'll, I'm sure, come out soon enough... xx ((hugs))

TRW... ((huge squeezy hugs)) Thanks...

I mean...the "other" cowboy, or me? Or someone else?

Congrats... truly, I am happy for you two, too. :)

Him???? Whatcha gettin at Cowboy??? xx

You mean "him?"

morec.... lol Must I tell???? Hmmm.. Maybe I shall keep that in my pocket for a little longer... :)<br />
<br />
arthurca... Thank you so much.. Youre an awesome friend.. ((hugs)) xx

:) Never thought it would happen or even if it really existed... ((hugs))

I am happy for you, Cali. :)<br />

Thank you.... (((hugs))) I feel very lucky.. :)