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I just recently took an online personality quiz and it told me that I have a Schizoid Personality Disorder. I had know idea what that was so I looked it up and was really surprised to find that the majority of the symptoms discribed me exactly. I really have no interest in people at all!! Including family members (with the exception of my mom), co-workers, etc. but I occasionally force myself to socialize breifly with people just to keep them from talking about me. I have become so good at faking it that I really amaze myself! I work as a cashier and come in contact with tons of people day after day. I listen to their life stories, laugh at their jokes, give my condolences when someone is sick or has died. All the while I'm really thinking that I don't care about anything that their saying and just want them to hurry up and go away! I meet guys on a daily basis who ask me out to lunch or dinner and I tell them that I already have a boyfriend, even though I have never really had one or ever had sex. (again, no interest) I spend my time alone with activities that don't require other people like watching movies online, playing 1 player video games, reading, etc. and I spend tons of time with my dog who is spoiled rotten XD

None of this is really a big problem for me because I have never thought of myself as being less than anyone else but rather superior to them. The only thing that bothers me sometimes is the fact that it bothers my mom. She doesn't actually come out and say it but it's little things like she sometimes sighs sadly when I say things, or goes out of her way to do things for me like she thinks that I'm sick. Once or twice she has slipped up and said things like "what is wrong with you?" or " you need to do something about your problem." I keep most of what I think or feel to myself because I know that I don't have anyone who understands.

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Join the club.

IF you are happy with who you are...who cares what others think about you. The suprise might come when you meet someone you really like, and he "discovers" what you're like behind the mask you put up in daily life...<br />
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I can relate to your situation somewhat, allthough I do liek companionship...up to an extend. I also like the time I get to spend by myself.

you sound normal to me..