It's All In His Plan

We sometimes can't begin to comprehend why certain situations arise in our lives.We cry,doubt God feel that we are being punished and sometimes even give up on God completely.

I have been taught to have faith,trust God and he will work it out.I will be the first to say this is sometimes hard to do especially when your back is against the wall.

I believe that God will not put more on a person than what he knows that person can bear.I'm going through a trial right now and yes I want it to be over right now but I already know it's not my timing but God's timing and things will work out according to his will.

I am not perfect and I sometimes get so upset and say God why am I being punished.Trials sometimes feel like torture but even though I don't fully understand the meaning of what I am going through I know the outcome will be me being victorious.

Every trial is an opportunity for a miracle or blessing.Sometimes there is no way humanly possible for a person to get out of a situation and that is when God will show up and make clear and evident to everyone around that he is a faithful God to those that love and trust him.

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3 Responses May 24, 2008

The road is unblocked. U can run without any obstacles.

Thanks so much.

Hallelujah! as the saying goe's the "refiners fire" we are like clay and he is the "potter", <br />
God is always with us and he knows and understands what we are going through, prayer is always a must as it is effective in asking him to Step in and help us and Stand in the Gap<br />
Also when we have gotten through the trails it makes us stronger and ready for what he has for us next lol! :P<br />
Beleive me trails aren't easy but its how he teaches us in this life for what he wants us to do, as if it were always easy how would we learn?