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I love and believe in this quote 100% I truly believe that you must follow your heart and aslong as you are not intentionally harming someone else then you must go for your dreams (whatever they may be) it is a sad fact of human nature that so many people will not do what they truly want because we are afraid of what other people may think......im going to strive to not think this way I and I hope many others to will think "No I am not intentionally harming someone else so I am going to do what I will Im going to aim to acheive what I want to acheive and follow my hearts and dreams regardless as to what other people do or say" and if whatever it is that you are doing doesnt work out or you dont acheive your goal then dont blame someone else or get to downhearted because atleast you tried and its better to try and fail than to always wonder what if? because life is truly to short for what ifs.

If you do hurt someone in the process even tho i know we will all be setting out on our dreams without ever having the intention of hurting someone else then apologise accept  the responsibilites of your actions because the last thing we want to achieve is for people to get hurt
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Ive created a group for this quote on facebook anybody is welcome to join just type the quote into the search bar on your home page