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When I was little, my parents started going to church. They were searching spiritually, and they were trying to find a place to fit in. Of course, being so young, I didn't realize.

My parents stopped going to church about four years ago because they hate the way Christians treat each other and especially non believers. And where they still believe in God, I've let go of that idea completely. I don't believe God exists the way Christians say he does; like some kind of almighty Father who watches us from Heaven and tells us what to do. I just can't wrap my mind around all the things they told me are sinful that I can't find the sin in. Homosexuality. Sex before marriage. Being a "heathen". I mean... how can something be sinful if it's not harming anyone? How can you punish someone, shut them out, for loving a member of the same sex? They're not bothering anyone, are they? And who exactly am I offending by having sex with my boyfriend? And what does it matter what I believe in? What does it matter that it's not the same thing they believe? Shouldn't it be MY business whether I want to go to Heaven or not?

I can't see sin in anything as long as it doesn't involve harming another living being. I just can't understand Christianity at all. I find myself thinking that Wicca, and most of the ancient Pagan religions, are much more logical. More... loving, more accepting. And less hostile to anyone who doesn't share the same beliefs. It could all be so simple. Why make it harder?
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The last sentence (question) of your second paragraph bothers me...who's to say you WON'T go to heaven? (I consider myself a hopeful agnostic.) It seems a bit as if you are lending credence to the idea that pre-marital sex and/or homosexuality bans one from heaven. In my humble opinion, so long as you treat others well, then you've got a shot at heaven too! If there is a heaven, that is. I personally believe in an afterlife, but I think it is too complex for us to even begin to understand it...tantamount to ants understanding the world around them. But, that's just me...