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Since I was little my dad beat me.My mom never stood up for me but when she did pull my dad off me it was to call me a *****...My dad would throw my against walls,spit in my face and punch me.Only me out of all 7 of us.I used to wonder why.Why my mommy didnt love me?Why I deserved to be treated like that...People would tell me things were going to get better.They didnt.A year later my brother raped me and my sisters.DCFS found out.About my sisters.My dad continued to beat me and everyday he put me down.Well four years later my mom and dad got a divorce and my mom my sister and my moms new boyfriend moved into a small single.My brother also lives with us.He acts just like my dad.I started cuttting myself a year ago.I hardly ever do now but there are times when i fall apart.A girl can only hold herself up for so long:/
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If this is still a occurring, I think you should report this. Maybe to someone at school if you trust someone there but certainly to child protective services or a law enforcement agency.

i did that and the police didnt beleive me id rather be in a foster home

the thing that hurts is that sometimes i still wish for a loving mom and dad.

i go to a foster home which is how my brothers got so messed up

ahh... sorry this has happened

Why not call the cops?