Actually, I have to qualify this to read "I believe that, unless you maliciously harm someone, do what you will". 

That being said, I do not believe that one can always accommodate everybody... sometimes, by making the choices that we need to make for ourselves, we will unwittingly hurt others. 

For me, it's all about intent - I'm not into cruelty or revenge (except during times of PMS or inner-b*tch domination)... but I am not into unjustified morality or unnecessary guilt either.  I am not responsible for your happiness, or unhappiness - only for mine.  I may tempt you into making certain choices, but ultimately the decision remains yours. 

Mostly, I am not usually into judgement - I believe that, if it works FOR YOU, then it's probably right FOR YOU... but not necessarily for me.  I believe in free will, in the right to choose your (my) own path... I will always respect yours, but please don't assume that it must be mine also.

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Jackdaddy - thank you very much! <br />
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Lovespring222 - first of all, I'm so sorry for you... this story obviously touched a nerve. That being said, you have to understand that, sometimes, one tempts simply by being who you are and living your life in the happiest way you know how ... and I am not willing to change the things that make me special purely to accommodate the insecurities of others.