If It Harms None, It's Ok?

 I want to know how many of you use that to justify inappropriate behavior?   Or, what about not harming others but harming yourself?  Is telling a lie OK when know one is hurt by it?  It harms you in how you feel about yourself.

I agree, if know one is hurt, it's OK. Just don't forget yourself and holding yourself accountable even if no one will know about it.  Because you will.

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Perhaps we should all just concentrate on keeping our sides of the streets clean...

saratoga's comment nailed it for me. couldn't agree more.

I agree, very true.

I think that often, telling ourselves that actions we know to be wrong aren't hurting anyone, or aren't hurting anyone but ourselves, is just a lie and a justification for doing something that we totally know we should NOT be doing. In fact, we know it very well may hurt someone, or actually WILL hurt someone, but we lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that it will not do this. Also, when we say it will hurt no one but ourselves... don't we actually know that, hard as it may be to believe sometimes, other people out there actually love us... so THEY are hurt when something we do hurts us!<br />
But, as I said, I think we actually know this... we know these actions are wrong, but we do them anyway, and tell ourselves these lies.

Hey Fujita, we must of posted together. Good point, even if someone could possibly get hurt, why would I want too. In otherwords, if it could hurt someone, it's probably not right in itself. Am I understanding correctly?

Toby, I so agree. Making amends begins with forgiving yourself. Holding yourself accountable for it, but then to learn from it and not do it again.<br />
<br />
MizzBlue, I like what Toby said abount intent. I really believe that is the most important part of it all.

Even if it harms no one, I try to avoid wrong doings. The way I see it is.. If someone could possibly be hurt by it, why would I want to do it, anyways? I'd rather substitute my thoughts or actions than hurt someone unintentionally.

Yep - that's a hard one. Especially when actions may not hurt me, or someone directly, but others could be hurt just by the actions I decide to do. Yeah - I would say that I try hard to not hurt others, or myself, but with some of the choices I have made - I know I have. <br />
<br />
They may not know it - and that doesn't make it better - it is what it is.