Shallow And More

I just realized that the probable reason that I get so many fans who are perverts is because of my avatar. I don't consider it to be sexual in the least, but I just realized that some others may. One of the latest perverts to become my fan was a guy who had an obsession with young redheads. At least 3, but probably more of his top 8 experiences were groups like: I Love Seeng Redheads Naked, I Want To See A Young Redhead Naked, I Think Young Redheads Are Sexy, and the like. Even though I immediately block all fans of this sort, I didn't realize that my avatar would be viewed as sexual until the redhead fanatic became my fan. I know everyone gets these kinds of fans, but I get them to a disturbing degree. It is probably my avatar causing so many perverts to add me and to even send me messages. I've actually had that happen before.

Even though I have realized that my avatar may be instigating these sorts of behavior, I am still not going to change it. I love my avatar. I found and chose it because it represents my user name very well. I picked the name ItchyWitch82 because of my love for Kim Harrison's book series The Hollows. The lead character, Rachel Morgan, is deemed Itchy Witch by a demon who haunts her. The avatar is meant to represent both Rachel (the redhead in the avatar) and one of the other lead characters, Ivy (the dark haired one in the avatar).

If someone is going to judge me by my avatar, then they're not worth my time in my opinion. They are shallow. And as long as I have the block option, that is what I will continue to use when perverts see my avatar and message me or become my fan because of it.

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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Yes, but there is nothing sexual about my avatar and none of my experiences are sexual in nature, so these people should know that I'm not like that and am not going to befriend them or add them to my circle.

I understand but people can only see what you show them.