Is Sex Addiction Real? Or Is It Just Natural?

I say that half jokingly and half serious because Im a little bit afraid that I might actually be one, but I dont have a way to talk about this without fear of judgement/criticism except online. So anyway its kind of off and on with me but more on then off.

I cant stop this no matter what I do. Im afraid some people will think that its just because of paying too much attention to sexual things like being focused on sex when I could just aim my attention somewhere else. But I went without internet/tv for at least a year and I still couldnt stop thinking about it constantly, and the worst part is that it interferes with my life in some fairly big ways.

The last job I worked (around people/publicly) I now work online) was ok but the scariest thing happened to me @ work 1 day. I had a customer who I was a little reluctant to approach because he was attractive and I learned long time ago that this could be dangerous, but I ignored my instinct and approached anyway thinking that this was only right because after all this was my job to do this.

So basically to make a long story a lil shorter I basically had a seriously extreme reaction as soon as i got close to the guy and by this time i had to finish what i had started. But it was a worrisome exp. because now Im a little bit afraid of what this means for my ability to really function normally @ a job in the future since Ive already got a degree and planned to work with it and make something of it.

And Im a bit of a recluse too because of this fear and what it could lead to even in less professional situations. So go ahead and laugh i dont mind it is kinda funny but just dont judge me please.
briabria briabria
26-30, F
Dec 7, 2012