Honor Codex

As I am a person with a steady mindsett my code of honor perhaps is what I follow with a strong determination.
I have many things I do, and which I do not do, but as it come to my codex of honor, it is simply to follow what I know is right.

The codex of honor I have, is to always follow what I say I will do, to never breake my word.
I have sworn to protect those I care for, which I do if ever the need arise, I also would avange if someone hurt those I care for. My honor lies in to be patient with those I talk to and resound logic when I can. And if anything breakes with what I consider morality, I will speak up.
I save those in need be it animal or mankind, and help those in need if I notice someone that have troubles.
My codex, it is to be true to who you are and believe in oneself, and make people live for themselves if they ever forget how to live.
To always trie the hardest and to never abandone the dreams one have.
To show the same kindness to other as they show you, and to share what might help others to see differently.
I only draw my fangs if someone is in danger or for what is right, but only if I am forced to, for I prefer to solve things peacfully. I do not believe in violence.

I am a person of honor, but my words as they seem dark, always contain light, for my code is that of hope.
Barlong Barlong
26-30, F
Dec 26, 2011