Mines A Wee Bit Different...

I beleive in a code of honor, but mines just a wee bit different then other peoples....
Protect the weak for the can not protect themselves.
The strong, while not as strong as me, are fair game.
Take that which is not defended, and people will learn to defend themselves.
Never forget a grudge.
The law is the enemy, it oppresses us against our will.
Surrender is not an option, Give no quarter and ask none.
Hurt those under my protection and I will make damned sure you learn your lesson!
Stealing from a thief is not stealing, even if it is defended.
Stealing from the rich is not stealing, because they are probably theifs. Just make sure to give half of it to the poor.
When facing odds too great to hold,retreat to fight another day, then slay them in the dark.

I think you can see the trend. and no i am not a thief, not to say i wouldnt steal within these guidelines, just that i havent had an oppurtunity...
dracone1313 dracone1313
18-21, M
1 Response May 8, 2012

Interesting....I'm intrigued....

Well Im glad Im intriguing!