I Live By the Code...

I live by the code and will die by the code. I do have a very intense code of honor, some of it instilled by my military upbringing.. some gathered by my own choice of beliefs. But this is pretty much my whole code of ethics and honor, which I hold close to my heart! :-)

I never leave a man (or woman) behind! If they are my true friends, my family, my comrades... not matter which forum they are in (in real life, video games, emails, EP, FaceBook, etc.), I will NOT leave them behind, no matter how bad things get! If we're going to die, we're going to die together! If I'm going to live, they're coming along with me! I'm very serious about this! Ever see a woman rant about other players ditching the group, in a online game, when the battle gets bad? I do that! I can't stand when people run in a fictional game and HATE it more, when it happens in real life! :-/

I never say anything that I don't mean. I say what I mean and mean what I say, always. Sure, the reasons may change later... feelings do shift. But I never apologize for something that I've meant. I am sorry if it hurts or offends.... but I am not going to pretend that I didn't feel that way or don't still feel a certain way about something. I rather a person knows the truth about me and where I stand, rather than them believing a lie that "everything is okay".  So, I stay honest with others and myself. :-)

I just don't stand there, I DO something. If I can help a person, I do it, just because I can! I don't do it for an reward or praise or anything like that. I do it because it needs to be done. So, if I have the time, I will listen... I will encourage... and will keep people from feeling lonely. Sometimes just giving the person the chance to vent is very helpful. If I see someone who needs help, I don't think, I just react! :-D

I fairly take and fairly give! I'm a huge believer in balance. I don't take more than what I am willing to give in return. And I try to give out only in what I receive. I think this is how my best pal and I got into this gifting war... I want to return what he has given to me... yet that sparks for him and Sharon to give return what I have given to them.. a vicious cycle! But one that I don't mind! XD

And a new code has been added... To not let entertain the negative. I've tried to be friends with all, but it can't be done. Some people are just harmful and will drag you down with them. No matter how much I want to help them or be their friend, I have to realize when it's time to walk away. Because if I get broken, my family and good friends will have to suffer for it too. And I want to protect my family and close friends... and the possible new good friends that I may come across. It's like my mother says... "Sometimes, when you trying to help others... They will make you dirty, before you could make them clean." :-)

Of course... this is the abbreviated version of my Code... but I think I mentioned all the most important ones! Thanks for reading this long story! XD

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

Me Too! My husband spent 20 years of 'our' life in the Military. So I understand what you're saying. I agree too.<br />
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