Gender Neutral Deities

In order to trust in the existence of a God/Goddess it is only necessary to believe that there is a force transcending human power.  A quick look at the history of mankind demonstrates that even brute animals seem better suited to living in harmony than humans who, despite various achievements, have rained terror, brutality, and destruction on this precious planet of ours for millennia.  Certainly there must be a God and just as certainly we have no idea what his or her will for us is.  More interesting is the idea that God is almost always portrayed as male, when the power to create life (the defining quality of a deity) resides with the female.  What this tells you is that men have been writing the bibles, and the laws - which explains why religion and war have been such close friends throughout human history.
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Theoretically speaking I think this is a good point. I would ask though regardless of the figure would the same question not come about? Let's say God was depicted as a woman and not a man, would man then believe that Women wrote the bible hence why the figure is whome it is? <br />
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If this is true, then we must ask why we are questioning such details. Is it because we find a lack of similarity?<br />
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I ask similar questions like this often though and I find it an intresting topic to discuss, thank you for writing it. <br />
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I often wonder why man has always been the dominate species? Why man feels the right to be greater than all other life, how come the sheep and animals were made for us and not the other way around? Was this because humans wrote the bible and that's why we are superior?<br />
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But that question has a similar taste to the last. I struggle with it. Are we questioning in search of truth or out of disatisfaction.

The story of Abraham and Isaac is one of the cruelest, and most violent, of all time. It takes a sick God to dream that one up.

Of course I agree with ur points but i differ on the point of Religions and wars. I am a Hindu, and Hindus never forced Hinduism on any group of people on earth. Buddhism also does not propagate Wars because the foundation of Buddhism is Ahimsa. People were attracted to Non violence that the people embraced these religions from heart. <br />
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Regarding Abrahamic religions of course the God are too violent and brutal to either faiths. The Hells are different, as well as the Heavens. So I think the truth about the Gods are nearer in the East than the west.

I suppose I feel strongly about this because it's so heartbreaking. One begins with something so noble and turns it into something so dark. I too prefer to think of the HP as something like energy - hard to define in human terms. As to the OT, I referenced this elsewhere in a recent post. That God is very obviously the creation of a human mind. He rules with absolute force and often cruelty. This is a God who cuts no slack, if you cross Him, he smotes you into the middle of next week. If you think about it, this is the behavior of a very insecure, power-based individual - sounds more human than divine to me.

i'm with EL on this one for the most part. i, however, don't believe God to be either male nor female. i believe God or the HP to be the very essence of life - ENERGY. the energy that causes matter to do what it does that causes the chain reaction and eventually to form us - NOT THE BIG BANG but ... anyway.<br />
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pepsi ... i've yet to find any doctrine in the christian faith stating Jesus did not have a mother and that God did/does in fact have a wife (silent or not) ... <br />
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and yes, i've read many of the main authorative texts for each of the worlds religions. they're quite interesting at the very least. but if you recall ... you who spoke of love and religion (pardon my memory lapse) ... in the OT of the Bible God wasn't exactly a loving creator... and war was rampant as was death for the slightest transgression.<br />
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El, you spoke nothing but truth in your last comment regarding organized religion being like any other business ... the purpose is to make money and the product is redemption. it's effen SICK because it does cause so much misinterpretation and belief in man rather than a HP.

Churches - i.e - organized religions - are businesses. The first duty of any business is to perpetuate itself. Alleged redemption is simply the product they sell - and they cause a lot of mischief in the process.

Jung influenced almost all the abstract ex<x>pressionists, or his theories aligned with their practices.<br />
Art history was a great class, all about personal interpretation, almost impossible to be wrong unless you had no imagination.<br />
"This artists imitated the male Phyllis and these ones made butterfly virginal plates..." I could have made a career in making up reasons and motivations and themes…I always thought the artists really didn’t care about the meaning or else they would have set the critics straight.

Amen. Or as the brothers say, "Testify!!! Talk about it!"

I'm with El on this one. And I have a hard time believing that Jesus Christ could be pleased with what human beings have done in response to <br />
his (or His) life and teachings. Like kill, impose their will and beliefs on others, set up churches that take away people's freedom and replace it with their own dogma and authority and control, selfishly build wealth in God's name, etc etc....

Jung was not an artist. In a nutshell he observed that certain spiritual themes, even images, had a universal nature and appeared throughout disparate cultures.

I did look into Jung vaguely with my Art History studies a few years back, archetypal symbols and all- I was going to write a story along those lines but with supernatural elements and mostly to do with corporate logos. He is the influence of many abstractionists and even more feminist artists, I should keep an eye out for something to read on it.

Have a look at Jung - Man & His Symbols. As to that virgin birth thing - priceless!

A long time ago, when I was interested in Wicca and Chakra's and all number of ways to make the universe ordered in my mind, I said 'religion should be something you come to personally, trying to apply an outside influence to such a personal thing is being untrue to yourself, changing because you're being forced to change.’ Only more recently do I understand what that means, and I think that by following that concept (As opposed to adhering to dogmatic mistruths) most people would find a happy existence in a world filled with curiosity rather then purpose. <br />
Has anyone glanced over the Babylonian creation tablets? they pre-date Christianity and are based on the same fr<x>amework. Virgin birth of savoir, savoir dies in sacrifice, many conflicting and repeating versions of stories. The similarities are remarkable. <br />
pepsi21addict, it’s very interesting how you follow the logic that Jesus must have a mother and father, but you do not go as far as to presume that God and his wife must have parents themselves…or is gods wife his creation? <br />
Side note: I like Wicca, because of the whole natural balance within chaos, but I do not like regulated thinking. Wicca has proverbs and ‘basic truths’ like any religion, even thought it’s based in personal power. Ideally you should be able to hold ‘Wicca’ beliefs, without having read any Wicca material.

Dogma was a flawed movie, but anything with Chris Rock and - gasp - Salma Hayek - is all right with me. Distinctions like male and female are NATURAL distinctions and God - by very definition - is SUPER-natural. Consequently he/she/it - certainly it - could never be limited by such earthly distinctions. Think of God like air or electricity, omnipresent and ominpowerful but unseen. The God we see in paintings is male because men held all the marbles and being feeble-minded and lacking in imagination they want their deities to look and dress like them. It's just so transparent - sad really.

I enjoyed reading this, it makes you think. I've always found it a little odd that God, with the power of creation, would put that power of creation into the "off shoot" of Adam, if you will. Why give such an amazing and powerful gift to someone who was pretty much only created to cure loneliness? Did God recognize the need to have someone capable of creating life? Or did he realize had more potential than just a companion? Anyway, thanks for posting this, and thanks for commenting on my story as well. <br />
By the way, this post reminded me a bit of the movie Dogma, which also tweaked your mind a bit. :-)

So what religion do you belong to if any? Wicca? I've studied wicca, and a lot of other religions. I understand where your getting, but I'm deffinitly a chirstian. See here's the thing...I believe God has a wife. So yeah...there's a male and female god. But I also believe the God the father doesn't want anyone to ever disrepect his wife like some do him so she's left out of the whole thing. But how do you think Jesus Christ came around as God's only begotten son? There has to be a mother in there some where right? But have made our laws. And the prophets of the bible are there might be a slight bias point of view. But that doesn't make them completely wrong and it doesn't mean that all the information is there. Infact...not all the information about God and his exsistance or even our exsistance can be made known to us...or else why would be here?