Do Your Actions Back Up Your Heart?

You noticed that it said i believe in a heart centered life, not that i live a heart centered life. Wouldn't it be great if we all were able to live it. I have met a few people on my life's journey that lived it. Those few had a profoud impact on me.
I have been a practicing Christian all my life, but the last few people i met that were living heart centered lives were not. Reminded me it is not what you say, but what you do that matters in the end.
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

...sigh... heart centered life. hmm unfortunately ..I have always lived one. It has it's good times and bad. I got two strikes against me anyways... My heart and mind are one.. like shrimp .. their heart is in their head! *smile*

Well MB; you have taken my heart and soul, so you have an extra to stick where ever you want to.
I now have my life centered around sharing my life with you.xo

Wow! That is what has been going on with me!! You captured my heart.. my mind doesn't know what to do now! xo... just kidding... I know exactly what to do now! *smile*

I think we both know what to do now and we are working hard in that direction.

Interesting.....I have a few good friendships with Buddhists, one Atheist and some that just believe in god.....I don't notice that it makes a difference but they all live under a certain code of integrity and I respect them all equally. I myself am spiritual but we don't talk about it unless it comes up in some way. I really try to be openminded. As long as people share my core values I really don't mind what they believe Spiritually speaking.

FL; As always thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I like that ou bring up core values. I think they are key to a strong friendship. Christians are suppose to have the same based on the Bible, but we know they do not. I am sure it is the same with other religions. I think that is why others disappoint us so often. We think they have certain core values, but they do not live be them.

I bet I can speak for others when I say, it's not that I'm not Christian ( although many would say I'm not)
I pull from all " truths " that touch me. Hence, I decide what is right for me. I bet you have just about figured that out from our interactions. Do NOT underestimate yourself, you are a fabulous soul...