I Came to Believe

I kept repeating self destrctive behavior.  I tried to act differently but couldn't until I made a leap of faith and came to believe in a Higher Power (I usually call "God")... both in the Universe and within myself.

I am now happy.  My relationships with my wife, children, clients, colleagues and friends have never been better.

Wishing you Peace and Love,


attyweiss attyweiss
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3 Responses Jun 21, 2007

Hey. Think that I am in the process of 'leaping' to this idea of a higher power. Religion does not interest me, but the idea that we all have a personal higher power which is connected to something wder really resonates with me. I'm starting to feel as if im tapping in to its presence more and more. It's really exciting!!<br />
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I agree 100% with you liquoricelady. I also believe in a Higher power (God-for lack of a better word) who created the universe and life, but I am not religious. I have my relatioship with my God and I don't need some other group telling me how to do it.

Good on you for changing your life!<br />
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I believe in a higher power but I don't like the idea of organised religion, being told when and how to pray, where and to whom etc. I don't follow the teachings of any religious text and to be honest, I think religion is the cause of all war in this world.<br />
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That does not mean I don't have a *faith* though. I have my own faith in a higher power(s?) that does not need a name or to fit social constructs of recognised religions. Some people have a hard time understanding or accepting my beliefs but I'm cool with that. I occasionally get a few weird looks or comments but mostly I keep it to myself. I wish others could find a faith and be as happy and at peace with the world as I am.