Love, It's Not So Little.

The title of the group says a little thing called love,and I guess to some it is. It's only 4 letters long, not so big when compared to a lot of other words in the English language.

But to me, these four letters in this combination are actually a huge thing. It is probably the largest thing in the universe.

Love is the thing that binds us humans to one another, it can heal all hurts, and though it can cause hurt as well, that can bu cured by the proper application of more love. Love is universal, found worldwide, it knows no boundaries, no skin color, no sex distinction, it will crass family lines where enmity is held. It knows no age limit, and even death can not steal it away.

Four little letters, so big in meaning, so powerful as a force.

No, to me, LOVE, isn't a little thing.
308shooter 308shooter
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1 Response Jun 13, 2012

I agree with your magnificent assessment of love too shooter :) It is so worth the risk no matter how many episodes it takes to find that "final one". I too appreciate love in all its' forms and give thanks to God for alll of the love in my life. I am blessed and count those blessings every day. It is the most meaningful thing to do .. to share love and spread love and enjoy love and hold love sacred as a healing force in our universe :) Thank you for this post :) x

You are so welcome and thank you for your kind words.

You're welcome sweet :)