I Believe In Myself.

I believe that humans are gone ignorant and think they have no free will but I know I do and I believe I can do anything that you can think of because thats my definition of new. And anyone who "tries" can keep trying and do it and they can and people seem to just give up after the future. What's after the future?! DEATH?!?!??! No it's not death or peace it's FAILURE. It's not doing your best it's not worth living in a world where people just lay around correcting peoples spelling, why can't you correct a a things into many other things and discover new things and build a robot that can control other robots that control giant escavators in some distant galaxy?! Why are you not doing whats possible and just sticking with the pre-made? It's all cool and whatever but it's not the right thing, like education in law?!? That's ****** up and so are attitudes of the teachers and policers and university students and proffesors and comics are not funny Comic is funny it means fun and batman isn't funny scooby doo isn't fun anything that you think is detailed is detailed not fun and people get that but they don't get it the way they need to they get it the lazy way and who am I to say thats the lazy way.

Putting too much detail in is lazy?!?
It is, I just. It is.
Putting the right amount in and knowing the right amount isn't lazy.
Putting the thing you said into what?!??!?

Like this:

Taking a photograph isn't art
Cloning a human isn't art
Things that have near exact detail is are not ******* art and you are a fool for thinking so.
Robots aren't art either but we need workers and no one wants to work!?!?

People need to work to do anything, if you don't work you get lazy
You get lazy you get fat
You get fat you die
You die you will have to be chopped up to fit in the coffin
No cyborg parts will work on you
You are pointless then.

You can't have slaves unless you want to be pointless?
Well thats what you said and I think it so it MUST BE TRUE!

Well I guess it's true then....... and everyone knows it I hope and still they talk about the


It's when we invent a robot smarter than ourselves that can make better robots and kill everyone and be our new freaky ****** up god thats a demon made of steel......

And like you need to be careful about that, I know it's not gonna happen because when it's close to it I'll do something. Or even after that, I don't plan on dying this century.
Acchbellon Acchbellon
18-21, M
Jan 19, 2013