Love to me is gentle and nurturing ... no space for drama ... I have to feel cared for ... regarded and respected ... a sense of peace and confidence inside.  Not second-guessing, wondering and worrying, tears and heart-wrenching.  With those things it's not a place I want to inhabit.
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Exactly :-)

lol@TOCIC ... oh the occasional bout of passion is very welcome ... in fact as often as possible!

hugs to you unshakable ... you are blessed.<br />
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yes, there are many components to love, southernman, and constant anxiety is definitely not one of them. thanks for your comment.

No one should have to be second guessing or worrying in a relationship. If there is true love and caring between two people they cherish and nurture each other help each other grow., allow each other to grow.

Thats exactly what i hope for and am blessed to have it with my soulmate for 10 yrs now.Hugs and Peace.