Acknowledgement Is A Gift You Simply Owe Yourself

It just struck me that it is pure joy to acknowledge your own efforts. Having survived a serious illness and hospitalization, having survived the shock of the love of my life taking such liberties within our relationship that I felt it better to go it alone, having just picked up a studies at University, feeling so very alive and light now happy moments are here again, I noticed I have plenty of efforts to acknowledge. And I believe we all do. So, I would really, really wish for you to...

If you have had your inner treasure of trust broken to smithereens by someone you had never expected it of, and are working on mending all those thousands pieces one by one, please acknowledge your efforts.

If you are a single mum struggling to making ends meet, acknowledge your efforts.

If you are depressed and are still managing to make it out of bed in the morning, acknowledge your efforts.

If you are holding down a day job and go to night school even if perhaps you are no longer a spring chicken, acknowledge your efforts.

If you are healing your own broken heart, acknowledge your efforts.

If you refuse to believe that a bleak today is here to stay, and stubbornly keep looking for a new tomorrow, acknowledge your efforts.

If your effort is every bit as special as the above, but not mentioned here, acknowledge it, too.

And always please remember:

Just because may be no one is seeing or acknowledging your efforts right now, don't think that nobody cares. We are all human. We have all been there. We all care for others that share our experiences of making an effort through thick and thin, even if we have never seen  them or perhaps never will.

Not even a card house will stand on selfpity, but self esteem can carry castles.. with ease. Don't ever forget  that.

Start acknowledging your efforts. Today.

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Thank you so much for this! Very timely!

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Thank you so much! How kind of you to send a little sunshine this way!

You just made me aware! See how it happens? Very inspirational and useful knowledge! Thank you!

Tmajor, thank you and how I do agree with you. We see the habit of pills, the emptiness and the addictions coming closer to our neighborhoods, friends' homes... (I know I do). And all the time, there is all the 'food' that one can wish for in our very soul and that of others. I recently read something about an English school starting to teach life skills. A great idea. And how good it would be if we all were brought up with an uncompromising assurance that whatever is inside us, sadness, happiness and all, can be there, may be there, and never touches our very core. Yes, you got me dreaming! ;-)

Great Advice Maria!<br />
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If children were taught that when their brains are developing they would also learn that fear, depression, and anxiety are all inherent traits and 98% of the time don't require debilitating medications like the medical establishment here in America prescribes!<br />
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I have enjoyed studying Kabbalah! I have recommended the Bnei Baruch to several friends!

Good to hear that, I love to practise this myself too. I don't really think it is feasible to be in a state of awareness and acknowledgement all the time for a mere mortal - at least I do not manage that myself - but it is a great idea in my opinion if we keep reminding eachother!

that was very uplifting indeed!!!....true in all sense of the word....i wish i can always have this kind of optimism as well.

Well spoken, <br />
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If we don't appreciate ourselves we can't expect others to appreciate us.