Yes! Extraterrestrial's Do Infer Reality Thanks To " Ancient Aliens" History Channel

Yes! Extraterrestrial's Do Infer Reality Thanks to a TV Series I had seen last month from the 'History Channel'  I plan to get the DVD Set if I can. 5 Titled Episodes and they are very convincing to me.  "Ancient Aliens"

1.  The Evidence
2.  The Motives
3.  Closer  Encounters
4.  The Return
5.  Chariots & Beyond

 When I heard how Christianity had problems making sense and reading all the Atheist reasons that all the Religions in the world are so different.

But then when you put into the equation of Extraterrestrials into all the Religions of the world.  There is things in common.  It now makes sense.  Especially all the Hieroglyphs that are explored in Archeology.  It makes sense.

And when Documentary Investigators try to go to Government and Scientific Researching Officials like NASA and others.  There is something odd about how they act about not wanting to reveal much. 

There is a problem about shaking up the world as to what is really going on for our utmost reality of the world we live in.

Yes!  I am inferring they do Exist.


ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Jul 7, 2010