They Don't All Look The Same...

Do you believe in angels? If so, then you have to believe in aliens. Aliens are extraterrestrials, therefore anything not of this world, is a non-terrestrial creature. And since angels don't all look the same, according to scriptures, does it not make sense?
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<p>You indeed have an interesting mind. Had not heard, or thought about the possibility. I agree that the sc<x>riptures describe angels as looking differently and serving different purposes. None in a space craft though. All alien reports I know about have them arriving and departing in some sort of space craft. Have not heard about any aliens with wings either. Since I have not seen either of them though, I am certainly no expert. Wait; what is that on my shoulder.... can you get a look at it?</P>

Maybe angels and aliens are one in the same if so then we might want to consider how many dimensions there are and how to access them somehow ,by way of a bridge like a wormhole or perhaps reality as we know it changes at high velocities, ex., the speed of light. It seems impossible to us for an ob<x>ject to exceed the speed of light but that may make it possible for them to traverse such vast distances, even inter-dimensional ones to visit our planet and seemingly vanish without a trace.

Some say that Nimrod tried to do just that.

That's a good point, but the analogy I was going for is that if it is already accepted that there are other creatures than us, would it not make sense that angels are not the only non-human beings?

Most people think of angels as belonging to another dimension - heaven - whereas aliens come from other solar systems and galaxies in the visible universe.

Why have you only written two stories. You have an active mind...let's hear more from you.