"i Want To Believe"

Thats part of my fascination with aliens is that i want to believe in them. There has to be more to this mundane existence than just mere humans, in the way of sentient life. I watch alien movies whenever i can, i surf the internet in hopes of viewing sightings of UFOs, i believe i may have had my own experience or two. I was walking on a beach in Florida with my then boyfriend at 1am in the morning, the romantic stroll and all that, and it was almost pitch black, but on our return to the car, where his friend was waiting for us, we witnessed 5 or maybe 6 " creatures" jumping unnaturally high in the air, using their hands to dig up something i believed to be buried there. Its not like i was the only witness he saw the same as i did, the way they dug and jump repeatedly still haunts me to this day. We flew out of their like we had rocket shoes, and when we reached the car we were banging on the windows and screaming for his friend to wake up, and we all got the hell out of there. Anybody else had anything like this happen to them?
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yes i think there could be humans can be mean so i hope there is

Last night I was watching the skies, we are getting a rare treat of auroras. It was cool, no colors but flashes and we were watching all sorts of weird lights flying up there. And way up with patterns that airplanes or helicopters couldn't fly, then they would just shoot off up in the sky and be gone. Also last year I was camping up in the mountains and was watching this weird triangle in the sky and all 3 points went flying off in different directions. We don't know all that's out there and if we can live on this planet, why can't their be life on other planets?<br />