The List Of Reason I Beleive In Aliens

1.    when i was about ten me and my family went out for a walk in the feilds on the way back to my house in england/hetfordshire/tewin my mum spotted a bright light above us at at dusk that was like the sun but not as bright we stood there and stared at it for about 20 seconds then it suddenly dissapered my mum said it she saw it again with my brother!

2. so many people say they've seen lights ships and other amazing things that they believe to be UFO's or strange things to do with aliens for thousands of years.

3.  we cant be the only living things in the very very large universe or even in the galaxy!

can anyone back up my story or leave storys in comments or back up my points? please do if u can.

cory123105 cory123105
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

There are Hoaxer's in this world. But I believe they do what they do to cover up the facts. So it's going to be more detective work to find them. I believe the Mayan Ruins in Guatemala would reveal such, but the Country is struggline with Drug Lords, Looters and Criminals, that Archaelologist can't get into the region to investigage the area. Religions will easily believe in the Spiritual without evidence, but with Hieroglyphics in Pyramids. That doesn't seem to be enough evidence. I can see a world Hierarchy that is trying to cover this up. And I even believe the Aliens themselves want to remain annoymous. I think there are several kinds of Aliens and that they are battling over how they want to see the Evolution take place on this Planet Earth. And they themselves are Selfish to remain cowards and out of sight while we go are marry go way. Not really noticing them.