Aliens, Apes, And Humans

I believe that extraterrestrials perceive human intelligence to be as inferior as we would compare a gorillas' to our own. Yet a gorilla can be taught  rudimentary communication skills like 'signing'. Extraterrestrials must be so much more advanced then we could even fathom. This can be inferred from the way they have visited Earth throughout our history without any  large scale human interaction. It seem more like what they're doing is what a scientist does when it views a culture of bacteria in a petri dish, observing it, not feeling any significant correlation between itself and the bacteria.Still curious about  what the lifeform is comprised of , but well aware that its dealing with a primitive organism, us being the primitive one. All you have to do is look at the death toll around the world to figure that out. Where politics delegates who lives and who dies.
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Interesting hypothesis, I have often said we are probably some pimply alien kid's science project,. But in real thinking about the possibility of ET, one must consider the possibility of lesser evolved intelligence as well. Who is say we are at the bottom of the intergalactic evolutionary chain? Perhaps we fall somewhere in the middle?

We are Extraterrestrials, the ones who think they are superior are the elite!

go and talk to the jellyfish they have an answer