The History Channel Is Annoying Me Now ... They ...

The "HISTORY" CHANNEL I get has been Annoying me now. I am inferring to what and how they want to ingrain and manipulate our minds.

I see more about Nostradamus and Christianity type Programs more now than U.F.O. and Alien's type Episodes are now less often then previous years.

What has made the change with the: "HISTORY" CHANNEL?

It's like too much Information about the "Truth" coming out? And now it's time for this good Channel to go with deceiving us more now? Cover Up's? Now? And what got and is getting out? And now is trying to put in our minds the Lies and Deceptive Programs? (Is what it looks like to me now).

If "Ancient Alien's" was deceptive, why does it seem like these Episodes are the ones not being shown anymore? (My Hunch is they are so Informative, that they needed to be with-held?, because that is what I'm noticing and seeing.).

I have "On Demand", but they do not have "Ancient Aliens" ... "On Demand". Can't choose to watch them in this ... "On Demand" Menu. COMCAST people are Idiots! And I hate them! I would have liken to have gotten me the DVD Set, which is almost $100.00 and I don't have that much. I would had charged it, but emergency expenses have gone into and on my charging right now. So that isn't working either. Besides my Computer needs some fixing and I don't have money for this either. I don't even see "U.F.O. HUNTERS" anymore on the "HISTORY CHANNEL".  Like 4 to 2 years ago. 
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The "HISTORY" Channel is doing better than other Channels. Like how can Pro Wrestling be Science Fiction? On the SyFy Channel? Or tooo much Horror for Science Fiction. I don't really care for much of the SyFy either. If they Put Science on the History Channel with Speculations. That to me isn't so bad. If some had it their way, ET's (Aliens) are usually Speculation. So with the History having Speculation is more interesting to me anyway. So to go by what ... "oneslimmess" says. I can't exactly agree. I was saying that much of the ET Alien Stuff is not being on much now.

I have no clue why they call it the history channel anymore. It has NOTHING to do with history, and it is sheer speculation about the most preposterous of theories and speculation about what is to be. What is to be (or not) is not history. History is about what was. (shaking head)<br />
<br />
Some of the things they come up with, they are so incredibly flawed that it's unreal. I have my own prediction. Come New Years of 2013, I'm predicting a dire disaster for that channel as they won't have anything left to air! (rolling eyes)

We have the History Channel on cable here in Belgium too... I sometimes watched some stuff at my mother's (I personally don't have cable) whe she was watching and we both always scratched our weary heads with all the silly stuff they came up with and the stupid conclusions that they drew in many of the programs.<br />
I found like they always did their best to convince people that extra terrestrial life DOES NOT exist by ridiculing a lot of things which deserved a more thorough or at least an honest look.<br />
Most comments and documentaries are biased though, so we stopped watching altogether.<br />
Same goes for National Geographic. They used to have nice documentaries, but the last 10 years they have deteriorated to making docs with questionable views and comments...<br />
Coincidentally, the change in tone of a lot of American stuff was set right after 9/11...