If History Has It With Crashed U F O 's E T 's Are Not Perfect

I was just thinking if ET's are flying around in these UFO's and crashing them. Then they too are not perfect creatures. Obviously neglecting to understand their own technology and how to use it more effectively without breakdowns and crashes. And how would they allow themselves to fail with their great technological devices they would fly in and have them crash like in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico?   Or in these other places? They seem not to have very good safety procedures with their stuff. 

Besides what are they doing as flying around allowing themselves to discreetly be so to only to be so to many other's that discreetly are the only ones that really get to see who they really are. And most of us others never get to see them? Are they really concerned about the best for us? Or are they up to no good? I like to see some good coming from them. But it's not good stuff just playing around with so much speculations to only towards just a few in this world, isn't exactly impressing me one damn bit. () () () () ()
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My computer can't play YouTubes. Of course my Story was my moments of Thought's. Trying to make the puzzle a bit more understanding here. Roswell, New Mexico was perhaps Military stuff. Not ET stuff exactly, but there may have been an encounter of a kind. With something more than a big twist of things.

I wouldn't bother responding to mr(whatever) all he seems to do here on EP is go into groups and put people down, exhibit total hypocrisy, and write stories about raunchy sex. He obviously has "issues".