I Believe In Aliens

I believe in Aliens but it wasn't always so. I worked nights and one morning after work I saw a spaceship and a grey creature coming out of it. 2 other workers also saw what I saw... the space ship was in a lane and the Alien was look at the ground it seemed and then went back into it's space ship. Then a darkness came over the spaceship and was no longer visible. Half an hour later the darkness cleared and the ship and alien was gone. There was no evidence of it ever being there. The other 2 workers said not to say anything about it to any one and I agreed. I never believed in aliens until that morning.  The occurrence happened in Thunder Bay Ontario in 1973    Fort William side.  8 AM     don't remember which day it was. 
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I saw lights when I was little nothing else - I remeber have the same paralis as everyone else... I forgot about it and got on with it... Still I saw lights in the sky? Often... It's only a night 1-2 years ago that cemented and brang it back... I saw a thing..... It was approx 6/7 maybe 8 foot? It walked very strange it's head was tilted or forward it seemed to have a hunch back... It stopped and hide then peeked its head faster than anything towards me .... I looked - it looked.. It was dark but I saw it as we had enough light from the street light.. It looked turned then walked away... When I think back now I heard nothing - it has no horns it was something else... It knew something and left me...

So much bull s h i t on here about aliens but this has the ring of truth somehow.

An alien spaceship parked in a lane of the road on Arthur Street, across from a KMart at 8am. A grey creature comes out and steals a rock. Then a darkness comes and goes. Wow

I haven't told anyone about what I've seen only mentioned on EP I fear no one would believe me.

I Haven't mentioned to anyone what I saw. I figured no one would believe me.

wow this is so interesting! how did the spaceship and alien look? did it notice you? so it just came out of the ship for a second and went back in? did the spaceship actually land?<br />
what an intruiging story, thank you for sharing!

It was oval and was on the ground for about half an hour. Don't know if the alien noticed. I think it picked something off the ground and went into the ship. It was in a lane across from Kmart on Arthur St.

Okay! I see you put your answer as an Edit into your Story. I was 17 years old in 1973 and was in the Navy. January to April in San Diego, California. April to August Overseas to the Philippines and Gulf Of Tonkin from Vietnam on the U.S.S. CORAL SEA CVA-43 AIRCRAFT CARRIER. It returned back to Alameda, (San Francisco), California in August 1973 to the rest of the Year. There where occasional Off the Coast of California Cruises at the time with a Visit into San Diego, California and then Back to Alameda, (San Francisco), California to December End of 1973. That was my where abouts in that year for me.

Can you offer where ... (Country, State and City/Town?) ... and when ... (As to the Year and Month?, ... (If the timing is not known ... (I Know you said Morning ... (Which tells me like: 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM?) ... ) ... ) ... ? ) ... this happened?