Ufo Encounter

I am a graphic designer, i am a creative artist, my mind never sleeps, i have had ideas for inventions also in my mind which i have seen come to pass, the one I have at present is to help blind people it can be viewed on my homepage www.jmcks.com. i was a telescope fanatic and loved astromony, then one day around 2pm clear blue sky i seen something which was not familiar, so i grabbed my telescope and after lengthy fidgeting i zoomed in on two mettalic spherical objects, I witenessed these spaceships for many minutes, and had many weird dreams for months ahead, i have dreams about global catastrophy many times since the occurrence, which truly frighten me, i wake up sometimes and feel ive been batteling with a demon, it even rubbed off on my partner and she couldnt give a monkeys about this type of thing, she would wake up in the night screaming there trying to get our son, but i find the whole thing most confusing, as I do believe Jesus is the son of god which sort of throws a spanner in the works, it is christ who said he will come again,he mentioned nothing of aliens. any comments regarding this matter please contact me. oh yes i would just like to metion I currently have my own online Tshirt & Apparel Store it covers all different topics, i really wish i could stick to one theme, but as i said my my just keeps going, , i would be grateful if you could add my banner on facebook, or by creating a link with me to my store. www.cafepress.com/jmcks thanks guys
jmcks jmcks
36-40, M
Dec 4, 2011