It Cannot Be Explained

It was in summer of 2006, my boyfriend at the time and I went to Universal Studios for the day. We went to have fun and go on ride and get fat off of junk food. He and I talked about aliens all the time and the possibility of other life forms somewhere out there in the universe. Well, this day will stick with me forever. We had been having fun all day long and nothing was out of the ordinary. The weather was amazing and the lines for the ride were not very long. While in line for a ride I got thirsty and he got hungry so we decided to get out of line and go over to get something to eat. As we were walking, there was a very normal looking man coming our way in the crowd and I did not notice him until his "eyes" blinked. This was not a normal blink which is why it got my attention. "Normal" humans, hell, ALL humans blink up and down, but this "man" blinked from side to side. It was the most bizarre thing I had ever witnessed and I could not believe my eyes. I told my boyfriend and he asked who, I pointed him out, and my boyfriend wanted to follow him, so we did. My boyfriend then saw him blink just as I did so I knew I wasn't going crazy. I was shocked yet very curious and wanting to see what else this man could do. I truly believe he was in fact an alien. I believe there are more like him too.
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

I would not be surprised if he was. Next question is from where.

That's odd, seems like an obvious give away tho (if he were an alien) Did ya consider weather it was a birth defect?

a birth defect where someone blinks side to side? doubtful.